PHAB-17 Friday Update – Final – Launch Location Change

Tony Campbell W5ADC

First and most important, we have changed the launch location.  We are now launching from Aubrey Middle School, 815 W Sherman Dr, Aubrey, TX 76227.  See the diagram below.  It is planned that we will launch from the front parking lot.


Below is a timeline for tomorrow morning:

8:00 am Meet at Aubrey Middle School

8:15 am Payload Checkout and String Integration

8:45 am Balloon Fill

9:00 am Launch

If you are lost or need assistance use the simplex frequency of 446.5 MHz or call my cell at 972-342-1729.

Sorry but there does not seem to be a good location to meet in the morning.  If you get there early enough Mom’s Dinner is a great place for breakfast.


The anticipated flight path is shown below for an ascent rate of 6.5 m/s (1,300 ft/min):

The alternate would be for an ascent rate of about 5.3 m/s (1,035 ft/min):

The flight is sure to be within that range.

Why did we change?


The flight predictions we were running today with a launch from Anna, TX, were putting our landing too close to Lake Ray Roberts.  With about $2,000 in total payload cost, we did not want to put that at risk.  Also, we were concerned about flying in controlled air space.  Actually, this path should clear all air space concerns.  While we are close, it looks like it just clears due to the flight path. 

Here is a view from Google Earth

Looking forward to seeing everyone one tomorrow morning.