2020 Field Day - message to those who worked the 2019 Field Day #FieldDay



Below is the list of people who worked on last year's Field Day.  If you would like to participate again, please join the Park Field Day subgroup.  I'll be sending the roles these folks performed in 2019 in a spreadsheet in the next few days.

Thank You,


Dan Brookshire W5KKQ
Tony Campbell W5ADC
Ryan Case N9SOX
John South KG5GOK
Bill Fahle K5WL
Dave Koch W8OV
Reid Bannon N5ZT
Daryl Morgeson AF5QJ
Dave Beck KE5DUO
Sean Kelley W5SPK
Bruce Dingman N5BYL
Katherine Forson KT5KMF, 
Rob Forson K5WFR    
Kip Moravec AE5IB
John Hatch  KF5BSS 
Mike Riedel KE5VCT
Michael Payne K5MFP
Tim Johnson K5TCJ
Jay Rawot WB5K
Brian Trant KF5VFM