Fox U "Wheatley" is Released in Richardson #foxhunt

Logan Ki5NON

Apologies fo the late message. Wheatley has been out since roughly 8PM last night, but I forgot to send out the post. He is currently feeling lonely with only 2 finds, but is looking forward to other hunters all the way up until after dark Sunday!

Wheatley is headed out of the den, Transmitting on 433.25Mhz with a 3-minute cycle, Hiding somewhere within the city limits of Richardson for your hunting pleasure. As usual, He is vehicle accessible but may or may not be easy to spot. If you find Wheatley be sure to scan his QR code to be added to the log. Can't scan the code? try typing in the URL, or send me a picture of his hiding spot:

Need a Hint? call me on the UTD repeater 145.430Mhz or send me an email. 

Wheatley Has a website! - Be sure to check out Wheatley's new website for up to the minute successful hunter reports, as well as more information on the Fox. 

Good luck and Good Hunting, 



Logan Ki5NON

Wheatley has been caught and is on his way back to the den, we had 7 successful hunters and they are as follows: 



For up-to-the-minute updates on Wheatleys deployment and retrieval, monitor the K5UTD repeater 145.430

Congratulations to everyone that hunted Wheatley was Near the post office off of Apollo and Glenville

The comment of the week is "Fox: Can you hear me now? Me: Yes, yes I can!"

If you hunted Wheatley but were unable to find him, please consider filling out our "I Couldn't Find Him" forum also linked on the Website, this helps me to make sure the fox isn't too hard.

Until Next week this Ki5NON, 73